Contact : Sophie Marbach

CNRS Researcher
Marie Skłodowska Curie fellow
Academic CV
Office 320, 32-42 corridor, 3rd Floor, Phenix Lab, Sorbonne University

sophie AT marbach DOT fr,
sophie DOT marbach AT sorbonne-universite DOT fr

... to find complex transport phenomena.

I am a physicist interested in soft matter problems, currently working at the Phenix Lab in Sorbonne University, in Paris. I grew up as a theorist but I work everyday with experiments and experimentalists!

I am actively looking for students (M1-M2 interns) to work on exciting topics related to soil physics and sustainabality, in a friendly and diverse environment, please email to discuss open positions!

Open positions:
Hidden noisy signals in nanopores (M1/M2 Physics funded internship)
Swimming in fluctuating lanes (M1/M2 Physics funded internship)
The carbon footprint of aquatic food proteins (Any background, funded internship)

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and on my engagement in sustainability efforts.

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