Communication & Outreach

I believe science starts when someone else understands the discovery made. Therefore, I strive to communicate in various ways and at a diversity of scales.

Recent videos


Particles with sticky feet (or nano-caterpillars) harness rapid binding and unbinding of feet to a surface to achieve complex motion. Presentation at APS March Meeting 2021.

Noise in Nanopores

Fractional noise (a subset of subdiffusive noise) is inherent in nanopores, for example when counting particles crossing the pore. Presentation at FICN 2021.

Wiggly Nanotubes

Transport in fluctuating or wiggly nanotubes is greatly enhanced compared to static tubes, but it's not always as simple! Presentation at APS March Meeting 2020.

Recent seminars

2022 (excerpt)

September 2022, Twente University, Netherlands Fluid mechanics department
February 2022, Princeton University, NJ, USA SMatCH soft matter seminar
February 2022, Brown University, RI, USA Physics seminar

2021 (excerpt)

November 2021, Northwestern University, IL, USA Applied-math seminar
November 2021, Brown University, RI, USA Physics seminar
September 2021, University Paris Diderot, France MSC lab, soft matter theory group seminar
May 2021, Ecole Polytechnique, France Ladhyx lab seminar
May 2021, UC San Diego, CA, USA Fluid mechanics seminar
April 2021, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland PCSL group meeting
April 2021, Rutgers University, NJ, USA Physical chemistry seminar
March 2021, Cambridge, UK, Keyser Lab group meeting

2020 (excerpt)

December 2020, Leiden, Netherlands, Soft Matter physics seminar
October 2020, Chicago, IL , USA, Chicago’s Rising Stars in Soft and Biological Matter Symposium
June 2020, Princeton, NJ, USA, Interfacial Water group meeting


Science Fare

Science Fares

There's nothing more fun than to enjoy an afternoon at a science fare in company of curious minds. Looking forward to more live events as soon as possible !

Outreach Talks

I have given numerous outreach talks in French and English on my research. Attached is a 2 min pitch I gave in 2017 at the Falling Walls Lab in Berlin.


Friendly Articles

A number of science journalists have written - or helped me to write - on research I contributed to, and I am so grateful for their work. Find more in all the links below!